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-App access to track workouts, nutrition & much more

-A 3x a week workout template very similar to those that we fully personalize for 1:1 clients

-Exercise form videos

-A full education library so you can learn how to truly coach yourself & keep results LONG TERM

-A 1x personalized nutrition set-up (will be made available to you within 24 hours of sign-up)

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We have invested over $100k & years of time in our education + various certifications to make sure we know how to get our clients where they need to be!

We don't believe in fad diets, crazy workout routines or any of the other unsustainable BS that is out there today.

What we preach & apply in our program IS WHAT WORKS!

When applied properly, science doesn't lie!

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The Benefits of Slow Eating: A Personal Coach's Perspective

The Benefits of Slow Eating: A Personal Coach's Perspective

January 07, 20244 min read

The Benefits of Slow Eating: A Personal Coach's Perspective

Hey there,


I know life gets crazy busy. It's easy to rush through meals, barely tasting the food as you try to keep up with everything. But what if I told you that taking a little extra time to eat could have a huge impact on your health and well-being? Let's talk about the benefits of slow eating.


When you slow down and savor each bite, something magical happens. Your digestion improves, making it easier to maintain or lose weight. And guess what? You'll feel more satisfied with your meals too.


I get it. The modern world is all about speed. We're always in a hurry, no matter who we are. Even someone like me, a nutrition coach with credentials and experience, sometimes finds it tough to resist the urge to wolf down a meal.

You see, I used to be all about eating quickly. It helped me gain weight back when I needed to. But now, as life changes and priorities shift, I've had to adapt. Eating slower is now a part of my routine, and both my body and my waistline are thanking me for it.


And as I guide my clients, I've realized that teaching them to eat slowly is one of the most powerful ways to enhance their overall health.

Why Slow Eating Matters: From Your Plate to Your Well-being

Let's dive into why slow eating is such a game-changer.


Listening to Your Body One of the key benefits of slow eating is that it gives your body time to signal when it's full. Did you know it takes about twenty minutes for your brain to recognize that you're satisfied? Most meals don't even last that long! Imagine the extra calories you consume simply because you rush through your meal.


Savoring Every Bite It's not just about being full, it's about feeling satisfied in your soul. When you slow down and truly engage with your food – its tastes, textures, and aromas – you leave the table feeling content. It's a different kind of fullness, one that goes beyond just physical satiety.


Giving Your Digestion a Hand Eating slowly is like giving your digestive system a head start. From the moment you lay eyes on your food, your body starts preparing. Saliva starts flowing, breaking down your food for easier digestion. Rushing through your meal puts unnecessary stress on your gastrointestinal tract, potentially leading to discomfort and digestive issues.


Portion Control Made Easy Here's a fun fact: Eating slowly can actually help you eat less. In a study, when participants were asked to eat slowly and put their utensils down between bites, they consumed fewer calories compared to when they ate quickly. Those extra calories can add up over the day, so slowing down could be your secret weapon for weight management.


Hydration and Satisfaction Believe it or not, slow eating might also increase your water intake during meals. Researchers found that participants drank more water when they ate slowly. This might be one reason for the increased feeling of satisfaction after a slow meal.


Taking Control and Enjoying the Journey

Now, you might be wondering, is eating quickly really that bad? Well, science points to the fact that fast eating leads to weight gain and feeling out of control when it comes to your eating habits.

If you're trying to shed pounds or maintain a healthy weight, it's time to slow down. Eating slowly can help you regain control and prevent the urge to overeat, especially during binge episodes.

Embrace the Power of Slow Eating

In conclusion, our fast-paced lives might encourage us to rush through meals, but the benefits of slow eating are too significant to ignore. From improved digestion and weight management to greater satisfaction, taking the time to eat mindfully can transform your well-being.

Here are a few tips to incorporate slow eating into your routine:

  • Create a calm eating environment with minimal distractions.

  • Choose high-fiber foods that require more chewing.

  • Put down your utensils between bites and savor the moment.

  • Set a minimum number of chews per bite to encourage mindfulness.

  • Use smaller plates or different utensils to help regulate portions.

  • If you catch yourself rushing, take a moment to refocus.

  • Spend at least 20-30 minutes on each meal to fully enjoy it.

So, whether you're in Dallas, Texas, and ready for in-person training, or anywhere else in the world looking for an online program, I invite you to join us at ONTRAK FITNESS LLC. Our Fast Trak Fitness & Nutrition System encompasses helps busy adults like yourself lose weight for life while eating their favorite foods & not spending hours in the gym each week!


Apply now to work with us and start your journey towards better health and happiness.

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