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This is our group coaching alternative to our 1:1 Program (Our Fast Trak Fitness & Nutrition System) that has led to 1,000lbs+ of client results in the past year!

In this program you will get the following:

-App access to track workouts, nutrition & much more

-A 3x a week workout template very similar to those that we fully personalize for 1:1 clients

-Exercise form videos

-A full education library so you can learn how to truly coach yourself & keep results LONG TERM

-A 1x personalized nutrition set-up (will be made available to you within 24 hours of sign-up)

-Access to our client community (will be added within 12-24 hours of sign-up)

-Access to our coaches via 1:1 Messaging (24 hour response time), office hours & community calls

-1,000+ Recipes

& the list goes on!

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What worked for your friend WILL NOT work for you!

Everyone is different & needs coaching according to their specific goals & lifestyle!

Here at ONTRAK FITNESS LLC we treat each client on an individual basis according to their needs!

Our program will be 100% tailored to YOU so you get the results you deserve!


We take our clients results to heart.

We want each person we work with to succeed & do everything in our power to get you there.

If we offer you a spot in our program, we can honestly guarantee we are able to get you where you want/need to be.

Buy into the process & we are confident we can help you get to your goal!

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We have invested over $100k & years of time in our education + various certifications to make sure we know how to get our clients where they need to be!

We don't believe in fad diets, crazy workout routines or any of the other unsustainable BS that is out there today.

What we preach & apply in our program IS WHAT WORKS!

When applied properly, science doesn't lie!

Meet Our Coaches

At ONTRAK FITNESS we have 3 amazing coaches with experience, certifications & degrees that make them more than qualified to help YOU reach your fitness goals no matter the size!

Jonathan Banks

B.S. Human Nutrition


Meg Lyren

B.S. Human Nutrition

B.s. Health Sciences


Angela Loparo

Crossfit Athlete, PNL1

Why Am I Gaining Weight Even Though I'm Eating Little?

Why Am I Gaining Weight Even Though I'm Eating Little?

January 07, 20243 min read

Why Am I Gaining Weight Even Though I'm Eating Little?

Hey there,


I've noticed that you've been feeling frustrated and confused lately because you've been putting in the effort to eat less, yet you're seeing the numbers on the scale go up. I totally understand how disheartening that can be, and I want to help you make sense of it. This is a common concern that many people face, so let's dive into the reasons behind it.


You've probably heard of the idea of "calories in, calories out," which is a fundamental principle of how our bodies manage weight. It's all about energy balance, which means the calories you consume versus the calories you burn through various activities and functions. When you take in more energy than you expend, you gain weight, and when you take in less, you lose weight. Simple, right?


But I get it, you're probably wondering why, even though you're consciously eating less, you're not seeing the results you expect. Well, let's break down some factors that can come into play here.

First off, while the principle holds true, there are nuances that can make things more complicated. Our bodies aren't like machines; they're complex systems that respond to changes. So, even when you eat less, your body can adapt in ways you might not expect.


Your metabolism, which is the rate at which your body burns calories, is affected by various factors. When you reduce your calorie intake, your metabolism can slow down as a result. Your body is trying to preserve energy, so it becomes more efficient, burning fewer calories even during activities and at rest. This can be frustrating, but it's your body's way of trying to maintain a balance.


It's important to remember that your metabolism isn't constant—it's influenced by things like your activity level, the types of foods you eat, and even your sleep patterns. Speaking of which, lack of sleep can also impact your metabolism, making it more challenging to shed those pounds.


Now, let's talk about the accuracy of calorie estimation. Trust me, it's not as easy as it seems. Portion sizes and calorie counts can be tricky to gauge accurately, especially with today's larger plates and energy-dense foods. This means you might be eating more than you think without realizing it.


Also, your body doesn't respond like a calculator. Factors like hormones can play a role in hunger and fullness, influencing your eating habits. Sometimes, even when you're doing everything right, your body might hold onto more water due to stress. This can make you feel bloated and "soft," even if fat loss is happening underneath.


Remember, our bodies are unique. Genetics, hormones, and individual responses can make a big difference. Even if you and someone else have similar stats, your bodies might respond differently to the same approach.

So, what can you do about it? First, let's track your intake. It's not about being obsessive; it's about creating awareness. By logging what you eat, you'll get a clearer picture of your eating habits and portion sizes. But remember, tracking has its limitations, and it might not account for metabolic changes or variations in calorie absorption.


Be kind to yourself. Stress and self-criticism won't help. Instead, focus on making choices that align with your goals. Whole, unprocessed foods can be your allies—they're less likely to be overeaten and can help you feel satisfied.


Experiment with your macronutrient balance. Some people find success with more carbs, while others do better with higher fats. It's about finding what suits you best.


Lastly, if you're still facing challenges, seeking guidance from a professional can make a huge difference. Coaches like myself understand the complexities of metabolism and can tailor strategies to your unique needs.


I know this can feel overwhelming, but remember, you're not alone in this journey. I'm here to support you every step of the way. Keep in mind that progress isn't always linear, and small adjustments can make a big impact over time.


Stay committed, stay patient, and let's work together to unravel the mysteries of your body's response to your efforts.

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